The Party of Regions holds official negotiations with the Our Ukraine Bloc, Yevhen Kushnaryov told Thursday to journalists. He added that the coalition would be formed by Tuesday.

He stressed that the high representatives form both sides take part in the negotiations. By now, the sides have exchanged the basis papers and addressed the conceptual approaches towards the coalition formation.

“I hope that the talks will go on. I am an optimist; I cannot see another way out. If orange coalition has failed then we together assume the responsibility for Ukraine’s fate. Otherwise, there will be new election,” said Kushnaryov.

Responding to the question whether it would be a two-part coalition or including other political forces, Kushnaryov answered: “All people’s deputies adhering to common sense and responsibility may participate in coalition.”

Regarding the issues related to the language, NATO, relations with Russia and the EU, Kushnaryov stressed that “if we are responsible people and the national interests prevail over the interests of a part of this country, then we must find a formula.”

According to him, if there are two different points of view in Ukraine, then the opinion of one must not impose on the opposite side, and it makes no difference “whether it would be we or they.” The formula must be built upon “and” basis instead of “or-or” construction, Kushnaryov specified.

Addressing the portfolios’ issue, Kushnaryov voiced the PR position which lies in distribution of the influence in accordance to the election results. He opined that the PM candidate must be one of the PR members, but PR may compromise this item.

“Basically, we are tuned to make a compromise, but the compromise may be reached if there is a counter offer. There is no need to speak about the compromise until any counter offers have not been made yet,” noted Kushnaryov.

As a reminder, at Wednesday negotiations PR Raisa Bohatyryova and Mykola Azarov and OU Roman Bezsmertny and Yuri Yekhanurov took part at the negations in Wednesday evening.

“We came to a conclusion that we need to move aside mutual pretensions and to formulate our common positions,” said Kushnaryov adding that the protocol of disagreement had been formed long ago. It consists of the language issue, NATO, the Common Economic Area and the federalism.

The non-disputable issues have been already considered, Kusnaryov concluded.


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