The President of Ukraine insists that the formation of coalition must be urgently completed, President’s Press Secretary Iryna Herashchenko told Wednesday at the Secretariat’s briefing.

She stressed that the President carefully watches over the process of the coalition formation. She recalled that the President Yushchenko had voiced his attitude towards the latest event in his Saturday’s radio-address to the nation.

According to him, the responsibility for retardation of coalition formation lies with those politicians whose political forces won the election.

“The President of Ukraine is confident that the political forces represented in the parliament must sit down at the talks-table for purpose to address the situation which has formed in the country due to retardation of the coalition formation,” concluded Herashchenko.

The President of Ukraine urges the leaders of all parliamentary political forces to elect the VR leadership, to form Departments and the Cabinet, to restore the proper work of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.


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