Speaking on today’s session of the parliament BYuT’s leader Yulia Tymoshenko wished success to participants of the future coalition and noted that “the whole overextended and humiliating orange negotiation process served as a cover for real intentions, plans and preferences.”

According to Tymoshenko, some participants of the coalition aimed at destroying and discrediting of the process of orange coalition formation in order to pass to another format of coalition during remaining ten days.

“I want to say that yesterday democracy kicked the bucket,” noted Tymoshenko, ForUm’s correspondent informed.

Additionally, she noted that the Speaker's post caused failure of the coalition formation. Tymoshenko stressed that yesterday all principles and program regulations were agreed. According to her, the only vexed question was portfolio distribution.

“So, why did you shout about that you are for principles, but not for portfolios?” said BYuT’s leader.


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