Ukraine State Veterinary Service confirmed theictus of the high pathogen H5N1 bird flu in Peski village of Sumy region, Ukraine'sEmergency Ministry Spokesperson Ihor Krol told.

The operation HQ and the interdepartmental group of the Coordination Council Counteracting Bird Flu attached to the President of Ukraine have taken contorl of the situation. The delegation is headed by Anatoly Berezhnov.

Romenskiy breakdown crew consisting of 77 rescuers and 20 units of equipment is working on the spot.

Over 7,000 birds are scheduled to be killed.

Ukraine’s Emergency Ministry plans to allot $60,000 for compensation payment to Peski dwellers-owners of infected birds. It was revealed by Ivan Bisyuk, the Chief Veterinary Inspector of Ukraine.

“The State Emergency Ministry of Ukraine is working out a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine which will regulate the allocation of funds for compensation to owners of poultry. According to preliminary calculations, it will cost about $60,000,” specified Bisyuk.

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