Coalition of democratic forces will be created only if the President of Ukraine Yushchenko intervenes with the process and call to order Our Ukraine Party, SPU leader Moroz opined Sunday to the journalists.

“I hope that the President of Ukraine as the OU Honourary Chairman will introduce proper order within the party and find a formula for the coalition to function,” said Moroz.

His comments followed the latest failure of the coalition talks on Saturday. OU, BYuT and SPU failed to agree on the last item of the coalition agreement. The Socialist Party and Our Ukraine pro-presidential party stuck at loggerheads on the chairmanship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

According to Vasyl Tsushko (SPU), the Our Ukraine party proposed Yuri Yekhanurov as candidate for the VR Speaker. The SPU member opines that the OU should not refer to the draft agreement scheduled to be inked before the March parliamentary election. It stipulated the Speaker’s portfolio would be given to political force which took the second place in the election run.

Thereby, OU does not agree to concede the Speaker’s office to the socialists and SPU, in turns, cannot accept the OU ultimatum to set everything by Monday.

Moroz opined that the Speaker’s issue was used by OU in order to quit the coalition talks. Speaking on Saturday, he stated that OU and PR hold negotiations on the coalition formation.

“Releasing them (the participants of the talks – edit.) from necessity to find a guilty, I suggested: I know you want to blame the socialists, so, speak it up now, don’t wait till Monday,” said Moroz.

Responding to the accusations of talks with the Party of Regions, the press office of the Our Ukraine party published on June 9 the statement of People’s deputy Yuri Klyuchkovskyi. He explained why coalition talks were in the framework of “orange” forces when he was in the air of Radio Era.

“We have almost agreed on all important issues in the framework of an orange coalition. It was hard to do it but we have almost agreed on them. Just imagine that we had to agree with the Party of Regions. Let’s start from the simplest things: federalism or not? What to do? We have absolutely different points of view. Nothing to agree on,” he said.

“A status of Russian language and development and protection of Ukrainian, I would say. Tell me how to hold talks with the party which representatives write an appeal to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Russian!” he said. “I understand that they may think that they have already declared Russian language a regional one. I will never admit it because it is a violation of the Constitution. But Kyiv is not in Donetsk oblast and the Verkhovna Rada does not follow Donetsk region council’s decisions and it is a local self-government body, not a state one. They do not respect the state of they write in Russian to the highest legislative body. What is to agree on?”

In conclusion, commenting on the President’s address to the nation, Yulia Tymoshenko stresses that the coalition candidate for the premiership will be responsible for the democratic coalition if the President of Ukraine bears responsibility for double standards of Our Ukraine. According to the BYuT leader, OU forms orange coalition from 9 am till 12 pm and forms coalition with PR from 12 pm till 4 pm.

She is ready to ink the coalition agreement on Tuesday at 9 am.

“I realise the President’s desire to be above the process but it looks like woman’s desire to give birth to a child without man’s participation,” concludes Tymoshenko.


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