In a Saturday's radio address to the nation, Victor Yushchenko has said a politician that is going to become Ukraine’s new prime minister should take personal responsibility for forming a parliamentary coalition.

The President reiterated that results of the March election should be considered at coalition negotiations, the press office of the president reported.

“This means BYuT, which has 22 %, can choose the post of prime minister or speaker. Our Ukraine, which has 14%, can choose a post next. The Socialists with their 5% are the third to choose,” he said, adding that politicians committed to democratic values were obliged to respect their voters.

The Head of State promised there would be no reelection and then outlined major principles of forming a coalition.

Mr. Yushchenko said he would not allow anyone to share posts from his constitutional quota (heads of law enforcements agencies, foreign minister, NSDCU secretary, governors and heads of district administrations). He also urged the politicians not to use flaws of the constitution, which might undermine and later destroy their coalition.

“We must all accept and comply with an undeniable fact: stability of a coalition can be preserved through transparency and mutual responsibility of all its members,” he said.

He also demanded that the Verkhovna Rada should pass a law on the Cabinet of Ministers and convene the Constitutional Court.

The President voiced his concern over delays in the coalition negotiations. He is particularly worried that these delays are caused by “trivial bargaining for posts, which leads to a political crisis.”

Mr. Yushchenko said he wanted Ukraine to be ruled by a democratic coalition but refused to take part in the coalition talks. “I do not want this coalition to be formed under pressure,” he explained.

The President opined that such an artificially hammered majority would inevitably collapse. Thus he believes the three parties should negotiate independently and learn to compromise.

He again emphasized his intention to cooperate with all the parties in parliament.

“The country will benefit from active opposition forces. As President, I support all initiatives protecting national interests. I will demand that politicians should serve Ukraine and work for unity,” he said.

Victor Yushchenko is convinced signing a coalition agreement and sharing posts is the first exam on responsibility and maturity.

“Remember: there will be no reelection. You have been entrusted to be responsible for the country and must create a majority. Outer threats and domestic problems call for political consolidation, not egoism. The President and society expect you to find compromises,” he said.


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