Deputy head of BYuT faction Mykola Tomenko has prepared a draft bill on cancellation of a number of privileges for people’s deputies.

According to him, “to make the next parliament decide truly as regards the people is needed to draw the status of the deputy near to the status of ordinary citizen,” press office of the deputy reported.

According to Tomenko, his draft bill provides to deprive deputies of pecuniary compensation for creation of “appropriate housing” and apartments.

“Instead, it is necessary to provide for temporally housing for nonresident deputies. After resignation these apartments would be returned to state property,” Tomenko considers.

The draft bill also proposes to cancel free recovery for deputies. “Separate issue, not included into the draft bill, is the fate of health centre subordinate to the Verkhovna Rada Affairs department,” said Tomenko.

Additionally, according to him, the document provides for cancellation of free of charge pass for people’s deputies. Tomenko reminded that now deputies have a right for free pass in all modes of transport, including underground, trams and trolleybuses.

“These privileges look silly and funny as deputies do not use such modes of transport. All the more, deputies get sufficient salary to pay a ticket in city transport. The same concerns the right on free parking,” Tomenko pointed out.

According to Tomenko, the right on free education in any educational institution, including post-graduate study, is wrong one. “First of all, deputies go to parliament not to study, but to work for the people,” Tomenko is convinced.


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