Yesterday in Netherlands Victor Yushchenko visited the University of Amsterdam and met with its students and professors, President's press office reported.

His speech focused on Ukraine’s European aspirations. The President said our country “has always been committed to European values.” He opined that enlargement was the best policy for the European Union. Yushchenko defined so-called Euroskepticism as a necessary but temporary phenomenon.

“I am convinced the European Union’s enlargement will help stabilize Europe,” he said.

When speaking about our goal to liberalize EU visa requirements for students, scientists, journalists and other categories of Ukrainian citizens, the Head of State said it was vital for exchanging expertise and helping Ukraine rediscover its European roots.

“You live to pass on democracy on your shoulders,” he assured the students. 

The President also urged Ukrainians studying at the university to come back to their country to benefit it with their knowledge.

Then he spoke about freedom of speech, our country’s relations with Russia, and educational policies. He also met with Professor P.F. van der Heijden, UvA Rector.


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