“Current events in Feodosiya are a well-planned scenario when other states give orders to some political forces and they have to work for the money invested. The Party of Regions and the Vitrenko’s Bloc do it in Crimea,” Shklyar, the Our Ukraine leader in Crimea commented on the last Feodosiya events, the OU press office informed.

The situation in Feodosiya is dependent on the situation in the Crimean parliament that has a right to manage the peninsula and where the Regions dominate, Shklyar stresses.

According him, thirty-six deputies of the VR of Crimea have recently given a vote of non-confidence to a presidential representative in Crimea Hennadiy Moskal that is impossible according to the Constitution.

Moskal had said publicly that lots of criminal cases were uninvestigated without any reason and if they were, many deputies would leave the Rada.


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