Chuhuev Court (Kharkiv region) has answered to a claim of Yuri Chumak, a journalist of Kharkiv human rights bulletin-edition “Human Rights,” against the President of Ukraine. The Court has obliged Victor Yushchenko to pay 3 hryvnya 30 kopek ($0.70) to the plaintiff.

The Court admitted the claim on President’s inactivity in connection with Chumak’s request to provide him with titles and outgoing data of some documents sealed “Not for Publishing.” The President of Ukraine was accused of tardy response to the journalist’s request.

The State Budget is commissioned with payment. The damage was assessed by the journalist himself.

However, Chumak is not satisfied with the court decision and intends to file an action to the Court of Appeal for purpose to know the titles and the outgoing data of the secret documents he had asked for.


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