"Recent events, such as the parade of language sovereignties in some regions, vote of non-confidence in certain governors, protests in Crimea and attempts to destabilize the socio-political situation in Ukraine, are links of one chain," first deputy chairman of Central Executive committee of Our Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov said to the Razom web-site.

“It seems to me that it is a conscious plan of the Party of Regions which is trying to demonstrate that a formation of a parliamentary coalition is impossible without it. It is an attempt to show its forces and muscles, a political blackmail of the power. The latest events connected with an attempt to form an interfaction unity show that the Regions don’t want to be in opposition,” he added.

“The state is strong when the power and the opposition are strong,” Ihor Zhdanov said. “It is necessary to foresee certain institutional levers to ensure opposition’s rights, for example, to make them have a post of the vice-speaker, head some parliamentary committees etc.”

“If the Regions do not manage to integrate into a political system of Ukraine, they will continue to be radical in the parliament and out of it. I think that the Regions’ blackmail will have no results and the coalition will be “orange”. The Party of Regions will be in opposition and will be able to stand for Ukraine’s interests in opposition,” the official noted.


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