Victor Yushchenko has visited the States-General to meet with Yvonne Timmerman-Buck, President of the Senate, Frans Weisglas, President of the House of Representatives, and members of the two chambers of the bicameral parliament of the Netherlands, President's pres office reported. 

The Dutch parliamentarians assured him that they supported the development of good relations with Ukraine. They also voiced their support of democratic changes in our country. Yushchenko reiterated that the Kingdom was the fourth biggest foreign investor on our market, which “indicates friendship between the states.”

The Head of State confirmed Ukraine’s ambition to join the European Union: “I am here to confirm Ukraine’s civilized European choice, and my country is now taking short-term steps on the path to its desired goal – EU membership. We will spare no effort to make all processes transparent and open.”

Ms. Timmerman-Buck said the Netherlands admired positive changes in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution: “We are so delighted to see all these positive post-revolutionary changes in your country. We see your enormous ambitions and your great wisdom. I assure you that the Netherlands will continue to support Ukraine on its path to democracy to benefit the people of Ukraine.”

Then they discussed energy issues. Yushchenko said Ukraine’s gas transportation system was an integral part of the European energy market. He opined that the January 2006 gas conflict between Ukraine and Russia showed that it was vital to change the system of Europe’s energy security and urged all European states to form an alliance of those who produce, transport and consume gas.


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