Commenting on the Russian State Duma's statement to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the OU press service published the following statement:

"Russian MPs’ inquiry to the Ukrainian parliament that if Ukraine joins the NATO, it will worsen Russian-Ukrainian relations is a brutal interference into domestic affairs of Ukraine. A question of Ukraine joining the WTO is a competence of Ukrainian power, parliament and people.

Instead of settlement of up-to-date problems of socio-economic, fuel-and-energy and military and technical co-operation in the framework of Ukrainian-Russian relations, Russian politicians and their controlled media continue to make an enemy out of Ukraine. It does not contribute to an interstate dialogue. For the moment Russia managed to worsen Ukrainian-Russian relations to the highest extent having broken the agreement on friendship, co-operation and partnership several times. The whole world remembers Russia’s brutal interference into the presidential campaign in Ukraine, a scandal over Tuzla Island, an economic war that led to meat, milk and fuel crises. The list is continued by illegal take-over of Ukraine’s navigation infrastructure by the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, interference of certain Russian top officials into the situation with international military exercises near Feodosiya.

The “Our Ukraine” party states that the Verkhovna Rada should give an appropriate political evaluation to such unfriendly steps of Russia towards Ukraine, pay attention of the world community to an intensification of political and economic pressure of Moscow on the post-Soviet space countries. We will waive neither our sovereignty, nor our territorial integrity. Any encroachment upon our country will receive an adequate answer. There is only one Ukraine for all of us!"


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