In his brief interview to the journalists in the Verkhovna Rada, Petro Poroshenko says that the OU faction has never admitted the ultimatums. OU always stands for the constructive dialogue and compromises even on the distribution of the spheres of responsibility, Poroshenko adds.

Regarding the distribution, Poroshenko emphasises the coalition participants must be governed by the principles of the coalition agreement.

“There are not any other principles in the coalition agreement,” stresses VR Deputy Poroshenko adding that OU has its own candidates for the premiership.

Commenting on different statements voiced by SPU Moroz and Vinsky on the party’s participation in the coalition, Poroshenko responds: “I suppose the socialists should make it out who is commissioned to make official statements - Moroz or Vinsky, because their statements contradict each other.”

He states that by now the executive power of Ukraine effectively and properly functions. It guarantees peace and order for the society and “it will not let political forces shatter a boat.”

“The local council must deal with roads, kindergartens, schools’ constructions and hospitals instead of issues related to the language or foreign policies. We experienced it under the Soviet times, when power instead of fed millions of people, sent thousands of people to fight for peace,” concludes Petro Poroshenko.


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