Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk congratulates Ukrainian journalists on their professional holiday, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine press office reports.

“On behalf of the Ministry I congratulate heartily on your professional holiday – the International Journalists’ Day,” stated Borys Tarasyuk.

“Nowadays, we especially feel the spirit of freedom which has filled our society for the last half and a year. Ukrainian mass media have got new possibilities for development, and our journalists have got the right to voice freely their thoughts and views. Let us recall all those journalists who died for the freedom of speech. Their names will be always in our memory,” said Foreign Minister Tarasyuk.

“We are responsible for our country, the way it is treated by the whole world. I hope that your professionalism and objectivity will contribute to the national integrity, democracy and economic prosperity of Ukraine and create positive image of Ukraine as European country where peace and mutual understanding dominate,” stressed Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

“I want to thank all journalists honorably doing their responsible duty. I sincerely wish you be healthy and perfect your professional skills,” concluded Minister Tarasyuk.


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