Today Rinat Akhmetov, VR deputy and Ukrainian richest businessman, congratulates the mass media on the Journalist Day.

“The freedom of speech is an eternal supreme value, but it becomes increasingly necessary now. XXI century is called a century of IT and information, in other words it is your century, dear friends,” said Akhmetov.

“Information is more expensive than gold, black gold and blue gold. No information – no up-to-date business, no society. It means that there will be no up-to-dateness without you, my friends!” stressed Rinat Akhmetov.

“Nowadays, the only possible business is a transparent business and the only healthy society is an open one. If there are no openness and transparency, there will be no effective politics or economic growth. The very openness and transparency are provided and secured by you. It is very hard and responsible destination,” concluded the VR deputy Akhmetov.


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