Representatives of nine parties and public organizations of Crimea decided to form a bloc of democratic forces “Crimean citizens for NATO” on the territory of the autonomy, as Oleh Fomushkin chairman of Crimean Ukrainian people’s party declared on the press conference in Simferopol.

According to Fomushkin, the cause of the idea to form such bloc was non-compliance with the agreement conditions between Ukraine and Russia as for bases of Russian Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Crimea.

“Russia deceives Ukraine and Crimea citizens underpaying for stationing of its fleet,” underlined Fomushkin. He also reported that the stay of RF BSF on the territory of Ukraine violates Constitution’s regulations as the fleet is a representative of other state.

“We should cooperate with a structure of democratic character, which does not violate the law,” considers the leader of Crimean Ukrainian people’s party.

At the same time he added that having chosen NATO representatives of the new bloc back not the stay of Alliance’s bases in Crimea, but Ukraine’s accession to NATO.  


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