“Current situation in Crimea is used by the Russian Federation together with the Party of Regions in their own interests, as it is a good reason to remind of its political force and position. They do not care what kind of a ship this ship is. The point is that the Russian Federation is unsatisfied with Ukraine’s position on NATO integration”,  the head of Crimean party organization of “Our Ukraine” V. Shklyar commented on the events in Feodosiya, "Razom" reported.

“I am responsible for my words. People that take part in the protests against NATO are being paid. The fact that the Russian Federation is using this issue for its own sake is evident,” he said.

“I am happy with the president’s reaction. The NSDCU meeting took place and they took a decision to continue preparation for international military exercises in Ukraine in accordance with the January 31 decree. I also support their decision to deport some foreign citizens that took part in the protests and blocked traffic as they have broken the Ukrainian law and interfered into internal affairs of Ukraine,” Shklyar said.

“Surely, this problem is to be legally evaluated and settled. NATO integration course is a competence of the parliament and not some regional council."

According to Shklyar, such actions can really do harm to Feodosiya and coastal territories.

But do people who have organized these protests care about it?


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