Statement of “People’s Union Our Ukraine” released by the party's press office

The “Our Ukraine” party declares that the Party of Regions started to use an after-election special technology of systematic and direct propagation of federalism in Ukraine. The last political events prove it, that is to say the language issue, artificial creation of groundless anti-NATO hysteria in Crimea under blue-and-white flags, vote of non- confidence to Kharkiv governor Arsen Avakov.

The Party of Regions gradually implements the scheme of votes of non-confidence to governors in all eastern regions. The purpose is to “cleaning out” political opponents in local self-government bodies. Such actions prove once again hat this political force is ready to create social conflicts in Ukraine and make every citizen dependent on its will for the sake of its own oligarchic and corporative interests. It breaks the Constitution in a language issue and tries to divide the country.

The “Our Ukraine” party says it will prevent a scenario of revenge-seekers which purpose is to divide Ukraine. The Party of Regions is slowly putting this scenario into practice “trying to introduce a federal regime in the country”

We demand the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine to take urgent measures on protection of Ukraine’s sovereignty and national interests against the threats that have recently become systematic.


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