On June 3, President of Ukraine inked the decree #477/2006 which implements the NSDCU resolution of June 2, 2006 “On Preparation for Multinational Exercises Sea Breeze-2006 and Tight Knot-2006.”

The President stressed that the corresponding NSDCU resolution confirmed the necessity of conducting multinational exercises which had been stipulated by the President’s Decree #78 of January 31, 2006. The Decree must be approved by the Verkhovna Rada.
The National Security and Defence Council’s resolution drew the attention of Feodosiya City and Mykolayv City Councils to the inadmissibility of practising on their authorities commissioned by the Law. As a reminder, these Councils had passed a resolution forbidding the multinational exercises.

The local authorities have been proposed to take urgently necessary steps for providing a public order. The President commissioned the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Interior Ministry of Ukraine and Ukraine’s Frontier Guard Service Administration to resolve an issue related to the deportation of foreigners participating in the protest actions and to forbid them Ukraine.

The Interior Ministry and corresponding local agencies were commissioned to maintain public order during the multinational exercises.


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