In his Saturday's radio address to the nation, Victor Yushchenko said if this year’s experimental testing at schools proved to be successful it would be introduced throughout Ukraine, President's press office reported.  

The Head of State said high-quality education was a “strategic investment for the country” and thus declared that corruption at educational institutions was one of the most important targets for his government.

Yushchenko also urged school graduates and their parents to help the government tackle corruption: “Let’s together root out corruption in education. Report any case of bribery to authorities. Our schools must be territories without corruption.”

Speaking about the protection of children’s rights, the Chief of State said it was important to promote charitable giving. He insisted that the state must help mothers stay close to their little children and so promised to raise payments to mothers of children under three by at least two times as one of the steps to improve the demographic situation.  

“I want each official to think there are no ‘other’ children but only children that need our help,” he said. “I welcome each philanthropic initiative to support children, protect their rights or create medical facilities for them.”

The President then said it was important to build a center for maternal and child health in Kyiv. This project has recently been started by the Ukraine 3000 International Foundation.


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