The Coalition Agreement between Our Ukraine, SPU and BYuT will be signed on June 7, Mykola Katerynchuk, the OU member told.

He expressed confidence that there would be backgrounds for official announcement of the coalition formation in the Verkhovna Rada on June 7 (the next session of the VR).

“I am confident that the coalition agreement will be initialed on June 7,” said Katerynchuk adding that the document has been practically prepared.

Commenting on the economic component of this document, Katerynchuk stresses that the coalition government must implement a tax reform, all coalition participants have agreed on it.

The new government must pay great attention to small and middle business. The development of these sectors and the whole economics would be impossible without preferences, Katerynchuk stressed.

“It is an unprecedented document for democratic Ukraine… It is the first system document which will be implemented by the coalition government for the next five years,” concluded Katerynchuk.

According to him, all three political forces clearly understand that there will not be any development without changes, in tax system including. But there are some differences in standpoints on speed and trends: OU and SPU have different views related to the land market formation.

“We have two or three days to work it out,” noted Katerynchuk.


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