The Cabinet has adopted a resolution to set up a Committee countering HIV/AIDS, TB and other socially dangerous diseases.

The Committee will be attached to the Health Ministry of Ukraine. Its key functions are to provide scientific, expert, analytical, informational, methodological support for implementing corresponding national programs.

The Committee will analyse the state of affairs and trends with regard to morbidity and mortality rates, continuously monitor the state of affairs with regard to addiction, HIV / AIDS, TB morbidity rates and draft its proposals and recommendations toward responding to likely outbursts of epidemics, the Cabinet’s press office reports.

The Committee is also commissioned to create and operate an integral system of HIV / AIDS diagnosing in accordance with the relevant international standards.

According to official data, there have been registered 85,000 HIV cases in Ukraine, including 10,500 children. There are about 12,000 AIDS cases among Ukrainians.

According to WHO experts' forecasts, in 2006 - 2014 274,000 AIDS cases will die (the optimistic scenario). The toll may be as great as 470,000 (the pessimistic scenario).

As the experts grimly predict, in 2014 AIDS will account for a third of deaths among males, aged between 15 and 49, and almost 60% of deaths among females of the same age group.

President Viktor Yushchenko has stated his grave concern over rising AIDS morbidity rates in Ukraine. In the President's opinion, the real number of HIV/AIDS cases may be much bigger than official figures suggest.

The Head of State has issued a decree regulating AIDS combat in Ukraine. According to the President's plan, in 2006 laboratories will be established in all district centres for anonymously diagnosing HIV/AIDS.

Besides, in every regional centre medical facilities will be set up, each capable of accommodating a score of patients.

In 2004 Ukraine embarked on a large-scale campaign to treat HIV/AIDS cases, which is being supported by the Global Fund for countering HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria.

As a result, AIDS, TB mortality rates have started lowering. After 2008 treating HIV/AIDS, TB cases will be financed exclusively through budgetary means.


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