EBRD has made better prognosis on GDP increase of Ukraine in 2006. According to the recent data, it will be scaled up from 1.2% to 2% regarding the economic development of Ukraine in January-March, 2006. It was revealed by Kamen Zahariev, EBRD Country Director in Ukraine.

“Our economists have made a new prognosis which takes into account showings of the first quarter of this year. The prognosis has been trimmed according to 2% of GDP increase. It is a conservative estimation and we hope that the result will exceed expectation,” said Mr. Zahariev.

According to his words, EBRD supposes to invest over ?550 million in Ukraine.

“We extend our influence. New investments may be ?550-600 million,” opined Mr. Zahariev adding that Ukraine took the second place after Russia according to EBRD investment volume of the last year. ”It means Ukraine becomes one of the key countries for EBRD investments,” concluded Country Director Zahariev.

EBRD is willing to open $100-million back-up line for Ukrainian banks engaged in the energy saving projects. He complains that the work on municipal water- and heat-supply projects has been slowed down by the legislation fallibility of Ukraine. “It is not always when we demand the tariffs increase. But for long-term perspective the tariffs must be self-supporting otherwise the investment in this sector will be impossible. It will banefully influence Ukraine,” emphasised MR. Zahariev.

EBRD intends to open its representative office in Dnipropetrovs’k. “We enlarge our staff in Kyiv office by 10-15%, and a decision to open a regional office in Eastern Ukraine has been recently passed. It will be located in Dnipropetrovs’k and be charged with Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovs’k and Zaporizhzhya. It is connected with the Bank operations increase in Ukraine,” mentioned Mr. Zahariev.

Such step will get EBRD closer to the industrial regions of the country.


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