The State Duma of the Russian Federation intends to inquire the government how to take Crimea back to Russia. Today Duma’s members by majority have backed the corresponding protocol message to the Duma Committees on the International Affairs and CIS.

Regarding the bilateral agreement on Russia’s recognition of Ukraine’s current frontiers until 2007, Russia should claim a non-prolongation of the agreement and restitution of Crimea in accordance with the Kuchuk-Kainardzhijsk Agreement of 1774, the Duma envoys told.

According to the agreement of 1774, Russia and Ottoman Empire recognized Crimea as “free and absolutely independent of any irrelevant influence.” The parts of Azov coast, Kerch and Yeni-Kale, the territory between Dnepr and Boog River passed to Russia.

Some experts emphasise that Russia’s attempt to revise the Ukraine-Russia Agreement backfires and may be fraught with serious consequences for its G-8 membership.


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