In a Saturday radio address to the nation, Victor Yushchenko said he, as well as our society, believes in the newly elected Verkhovna Rada: “Today, Ukraine expects the new parliament to work systematicallybut never stage shows, play political games, argue or protect corporate interests.”

The President said he hoped the Verkhovna Rada would always be his ally in protecting the Constitution, adding that it was incumbent on them to hold a swearing-in ceremony for judges of the Constitutional Court, the president press office informs.

“I will not sign any papers to appoint the premier until we convene the court. I believe the new deputies should demonstrate that they respect the Constitution,” he insisted.

Then Yushchenko said the Verkhovna Rada must fulfill several tasks to show their political maturity. The first goal is to form a stable coalition.

“I am looking forward to seeing the strong parliamentary majority, united on the principles of democracy and European values,” he said.

The Head of State promised to actively participate in the process to form the coalition and particularly choose the premier andthose few ministers he can appoint.

“Worthy and professional people must come to these posts. The government’s work should be based on a clear-cut action plan. Then I will accept the proposed nominee,” he said.

The President also assured the country’s future opposition they would have a continuous dialogue with him.


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