The Head of the SBU Special Telecommunication Systems and Information Protection Kostyantyn Boyko reckons it is necessary to introduce regulations within the Ukrainian segment of the World Wide Web. He initiates such innovation in order to avoid the threat to the national safety of Ukraine.

“If a precedent happens, we will be responsible for it. Anyway we will realise the necessity of some regulations over the Internet. I suppose, the rules of game should be settle right now. Particularly, we should address the virtual activity licensing,” stressed Boyko.

According Boyko, if the office information-technical equipment is connected to the Internet it means that anyone may access to all e-documents. “Thereby, a person may steal and publish confidential information. Moreover, one can provoke a faulty operation of the strategic objects via the Wide World Web,” emphasised Boyko.

“Nuclear power plants, energy sector, transport –all these are connected to the Internet, any attack on these objects may cause destroying consequences. That is why I reckon the Internet really threatens economic welfare and population’s safety,” concluded Boyko.


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