Rinat Akhmetov, the member of the Ukrainian parliament reveals that he is excited in his first day in Verkhovna Rada.

“I am a bit agitated – it is like the first time in the school,” said Rinat Akhmetov in the interview to the journalists.

According to what he said, he has already learnt how to handle with the voting device although he “shirked” the training yesterday.

“Borya has taught me,” mentioned Akhmetov pointing at his friend – the VR deputy Borys Kolesnikov.

He also added that it was the first time he appeared in the parliament-house. Responding the question about his deputy chair, he notes that it is “a comfortable one.”

Rinat Akhmetov mentions that his neighbours are Ihor Humenyuk (ARS President) and Serhiy Momot (DANKO President).

In response to the question why his box is concealed from the journalists’ eyes, the richest businessman answered: “We are unpretentious people. But I like the press.”

He pledges always to seek advice of his conscience before voting. “I will seek advices of Borys [Kolesnikov] and Victor Fedorovych [Yanukovich], too,” concluded Akhmetov.


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