Inhabitants of the Beresanovka town, which is situation near the lake Kasyanka, noticed that musk-rats and ducks started leaving the lake. Then fishermen caught four unknown fishes with sharp teeth in a net. When the fishermen were taking out the catch, the fish bit through the palm of one fisherman and a finger of another one.

Chief of the ichthyology sector of water resources department Ihor Ushchapovsky reported that this was the most predatory kind of piranha – natterera or red piranha. But it will hardly live and spawn in cold water. Most likely, the piranhas were brought to the lake by an aquarian, the newspaper “Blik” writes.

Specialists of Dnipropetrovs’k water resources and ichthyology scientists are trying to find out how piranha, which lives in the Amazon river only, got into Kasyanka lake. One individual is being examined in the scientific research institute of biology of Dnipropetrovs’k national university.


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