Naftogaz Ukraine has the current debt for RosUkrEnergo gas supplied in January-February in the amount of $413.345 million, Yaroslav Dykovitsky Naftogaz Head of the Department of Economics and Price Policy acting Director of Finance and Investment, told Monday at the press conference in Kyiv.

“We pay for gas without any delay. The debt appeared when Gazprom had cancelled the payment for the Naftogaz transit services,” said Dykovitsky. It is a question of the transfer-reception of the documents, specified Naftogaz official.  

Earlier, Dzerkalo Nedili reported Naftogaz owed $413,344,650 million to Gazprom and RosUkrEnergo for January-February gas supply. The sae day, Gazprom official spokesperson Sergey Kupriyanov refuted this information specifying that Naftogaz did not have debt for the natural gas supply. “It goes without saying that they (Naftogaz –edit.) cannot owe anything to us as we do not have direct supply to Ukraine - RosUkrEnergo is commissioned with it,” said Kupriyanov to Echo of Moscow.


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