In Varna, Victor Yushchenko has recommended that coalition negotiators from Our Ukraine, BYuT and the Socialist Party have a separate document  for controversial issues and then jointly work for about a year to settle these controversies. The President said he did not want such disuniting topics to hinder the progress of the coalition talks. 

“I am convinced our coalition must be ‘orange,’ although its creation is very painstaking,” he said, President's press office reported.

The Head of State urged the above-mentioned parties to present a detailed coalition agreement at their meeting next week. He said the talks were going well and quite smoothly and added that the parties had already formulated their common vision of  “the consolidating political agreement based on the presidential program.”

Yushchenko is glad there were no ultimatums in a letter he received from the three ‘orange’ leaders and reiterated that focusing on "persons rather than principles" would impede the talks. 


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