Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov does not intend to work in the government under the chairmanship of Yulia Tymoshenko, and in case if BYuT’s leader heads the Cabinet of Ministers Yekhanurov will go to work in the Parliament.

“I will work as an ordinary people’s deputy. I have stable economic and political views, and I cannot work with the leader, who does not have political views, and whose economic views differ from mine,” noted Yekhanurov in an interview to “Glavred”.

In response to the question about his possible support of Party’s of Regions representative on the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yekhanurov said “eight million people voted for party of Regions and it is very important to find common language with them.”

“I have expressed my personal point of view. I back large coalition consisting of four political forces except communists. Then Ukraine has a chance of development. Then it will be possible to make constitutional decisions and to carry out all necessary reforms,” underlined the PM.

 “If the coalition is of other format, we will have fewer chances to make the economic break-through happen. Now we are digging in the dust hole, but we need to stand up and look on the situation from the top. All of us are Ukrainians. Yes, we have different tastes, but we have common Motherland, and we need to think about it. This country needs unity of efforts,” considers the Premier.

“I am speaking about unity of four forces, and I want people to be up their personal ambitions,” noted he.


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