The Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, architectural-historical reserve is in the poor state and nearly damaged because of the lack of financial aid. Ten Lavra’s objects, Trapezny (Refectory) Church and Dzvinytsya (the Great Belfry) included, are in the emergency condition, Serhiy Krolevets, the Director General of Lavra Reserve told.

The reserve was subsidized with only $16,000 for reconstruction in 2005, in 2006 – not a kopeck has been given out of the scheduled 1.5- million hryvnya ($300,000). “Lavra must be urgently reconstructed because the more the reconstruction works are delayed the more funds it required. The boiler-house working over ten years must be refitted as quick as possible otherwise we would get a little Alchevsk in winter,” informed Krolevets.

According to the Director’s words, the financing of the Lavra Reserve has been reduced by twelve times for the last ten years, the funds Lavra gets from the tourists are not even enough for the personnel’s salary, public utilities payment and the whitewashing of the churches.


If the situation is not changed in the nearest time Lavra will be abandoned and forgotten, the museum’s officials conclude.

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