Ukraine’s Fuel and Energy Minister Ivan Plachkov met Chairman of UCTE SteeringCommittee Gerard Maas, UCTE SecretaryGeneral Marcel Bial and Project Director Luther, the Fuel and Energy Ministry press service informed.

In the course of the meeting, Minister Plachkov reported about the implementation of the technical activities integrating Ukraine’s common energy system into UCTE unit. Ukrenergo National Energy Company is inspecting the domestic energy system with the object to meet UCTE technical standards. Judging by the results of the inspections, the demands catalogue is supposed to be composed.

The participants negotiated over the synchronisation of Ukraine’s common energy system with UCTE one regarding the corresponding application approved by UCTE General Assembly on May 5, 2006.The main attention was focused on the issue related to the formation of joint technical committee aimed at coordination of the integration work.

The representatives from Ukraine, Moldova and Romania are supposed to take part in the work of the committee.


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