Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky met British Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador Robert Edward Brinkley. In the course of the meeting, the high officials discussed the issues of municipal improvement and the traffic problems.

Mr. Brinkley drew Chernovetsky’s attention to the bad condition of Kyiv highways, in Pechersk district especially (British embassy is located there). “I was delighted to get known that you have already given a direction to improve the roads and highways in Kyiv,” said British Ambassador.

The traffic jam was the next item of the discussion. Mr. Brinkley mentioned that Kyiv traffic jam is the great problem. He drew the example of London where drivers must pay entering the downtown. “There is a central part of London. Entering it, one must pay a fee. It reduces the number of traffic jams and problems,” opined Mr. Brinkley.

Leonid Chervonetsky said he would probably send Kyiv representative to London in order to study London experience regarding this issue. But he also mentioned that he would not implement the fee downtown entry because “people live another life than Londoners do. But for luxury cars’ owners it would be possible.”


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