An incapability to find a compromise in negotiations over the coalition formation may lead to the federalisation of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, the OU Political Council member and ex-Secretary of NSDCU told.

Commenting on BYuT’s accusations of OU-PR secret talks, Poroshenko stressed: “To hold negotiations and to meet are two different formats. It is necessary to meet because if the political force which represents 40-50-70% of that or this region drove into a corner it would be able to start acting inadequately.”

“I have met and I meet the representatives of PR during the working group’s sessions. In my humble opinion, there is nothing reprehensible in these meetings. I am confident the parliamentary working group should pass decisions which will not put pressure upon the parliament. Regarding a modest whip-hand of coalition, it may cause unpredictable consequences,” added Poroshenko.

“The security and the territorial integrity are our supreme priorities. The people will condemn us if we tolerate the country’s division,” stressed Petro Poroshenko.

Responding the question on his participation in OU-PR coalition talks, Poroshenko mentioned: “I discuss only orange coalition formation. But I am sure that all politicians must feel free to contact each other.” Along with this, Poroshenko stressed that he is not ideological opponent of OU-PR coalition: “I do remain a supporter of orange coalition but I am sure that its creation badly needs a compromise. And theoretically, the variety of coalitions is unlimited. I was surprised by the recent sociological polls which underline the increase of orange-blue coalition’s supporters – from 12% to 38%. The number of pure orange one has reduced – only 42%.”


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