In a reply to Ukraine’s intelligentsia, Victor Yushchenko has declared that a parliamentary coalition and later a government would be formed on the basis of the country’s national interests.

“I understand and appreciate your feelings about the post-election situation in Ukraine. The country is, in fact, facing some really tough political challenges. The whole society, not only professional politicians and government officials, are taking part in this debate,” he wrote.

The President promised to spare no effort to make sure the process would not destabilize Ukraine, the president press office informed.

Hesaid coalition parties should focus “on consolidating points rather than things that disunite them.” “Unfortunately, some political parties in Ukraine abuse their party belonging and wrongly emphasize regional or lingual differences. I am convincedtheir political demagogy will soon be replaced with patriotic ideology,” he opined.

President Yushchenko added thatthe Presidential Political Council would soon function again to consolidate the political elite.


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