By 10:00 of Tuesday morning Our Ukraine bloc has not received a draft coalition agreement, as declared Tetyana Mokrydi, head of information department of the OU bloc.

As a reminder, Yulia Tymoshenko had stated yesterday that the draft agreement would have been ready by the end of Monday.

At the same time Mokrydi declares that the document may appear within the next few hours. “Knowing the practice of Ukrainian politicians – first to say and only then to write – this draft agreement may appear in our office within one-two hours,” said Mokrydi.

May 15 the working group of BYuT, OU and SPU agreed the draft coalition agreement, which numbers more than 90 pages. SPU representative Iosif Vinsky reported that BYuT would get 59% of posts’ package, SPU would receive one seventh part, and the rest would be given to the OU bloc.


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