Belarusian opposition leaders address President Yushchenko to grant them a political asylum, the statement out on Monday press conference says.

Molodoy Front leader Dmitry Dashkevich, Vyacheslav Sivchik RAZAM Coordinator, Student Fellowship Chairman Oleg Yatsenko and others took part in today press conference. Dashkevich who was accused of Chernobyl Way Action in Minsk, has been recently released from custody.

“On behalf of Minsk Maydan” they urge the President of Ukraine “to raise a question before the heads of leading countries of the world how Russia may be a member of G8 if it implements uncivilized policy and supports odious dictatorial regime which violates all international laws.”

According to Minsk Maydan’s view, Kremlin turns Russia to “the empire of evil” again. In connection with it, there is a real threat of Belarus’ accession to Russia, Sivchik told.

The participants pf the press conference call the rectors of Ukrainian universities to consider possible studying of Belarusian repressed students in their educational institutions.

Belarusian opposition leaders urge Ukrainian democratic community to pay attention on the problems existing in Belarus as a result of Lukashenka’s regime.


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