CIS’s countries’ integration into NATO should not bring an element of tension into relations with Russia, as considers army general Yuri Baluevski, chief of General HQ of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

“Our position is very simple and understandable: enter the Alliance, but do not bring elements of tension to our borders,” said Baluevski.

“If Ukraine and Georgia want to join NATO, it is their right. But Russia cares about situation on its neighbouring territories,” declared the chief of General HQ.

According to him, “Georgia and Ukraine are our (Russia’s) neighbouring territories.”

He reminded that NATO had worked out criteria, which must be met by states and their Armed Forces interested in NATO membership. “But today, these criteria are so blurred, that they are not noticed,” stated Baluevski.

He noted that one these criteria is absence of conflicts on the territory of a would-be NATO state. Meanwhile, according to him, there is no integrity of state in Georgia.


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