On the eve of summer holidays Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv is going to strengthen control over activity of computer clubs and other entertaining establishments, as reports press office of Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office.

In 2005 and 2006 years the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office repeatedly conducted examinations on preventing violation of the law and criminality among minors. Special attention was paid to activity of computer clubs and entertaining establishments of the city. The examination of more than 600 such establishments revealed 418 teenagers, who stayed there in school hours and at night. Activity of many establishments did not satisfy hygiene and sanitary norms and rules of fire safety; alcohol and tobacco products were sold to teenagers there, which violated the legislation in force and threatened children’s health.

Unfortunately, the Prosecutor’s Office states, local authorities of executive power do not ensure appropriate control over the work of the mentioned establishments.

Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv delivered more than 160 declarations to power authorities with request to cease activity of mentioned establishments, to break rent contracts and to take other response measures.

Activity of eight establishments was terminated; administrative proceedings were institute against 103 persons.


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