Ukraine’s Armed Forces delegation headed by the Commander-in-Chief Colonel-General Serhiy Kyrychenko took part in the regular session of the Ukraine-NATO Military Committee and the Military Committee of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership at the level of the General HQs’ heads in Brussels.

In the course of the meeting, the participants discussed the wide range of questions related to the military cooperation between the Alliance and Ukraine. The main attention was paid to the defence planning system made by NATO standards and state and prospects of cooperation within the implementation of the Ukraine-NATO Target Plan for this year. In particular, the parties focused on the creation of the United Operative Command within the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukraine’s participation in Active Efforts in the Mediterranean Sea.

NATO Economic Directorate has initiated the English language courses for Ukrainian militaries served in Crimea. The courses will be based upon Tavriya Vernadsky’s National University, the Defence Ministry press service informed. The course will consist of 200-hour study program. Thirteen retired militaries have already launched studying. According to the Ukraine-Norway project, the branches of the University in Sevastopol and Feodosiya have engaged the retraining of 60 retired military officials for the Agent for Tourism Organization and Business Economic and Organization proficiencies.

Director of NATO Information and Documentation in Ukraine Michael Dure made a report on the financial aid for Ukraine in 2006. According to the document, NATO has granted about ? 2 million for development of Ukrainian science. ? 0,5 million will be spent for technical equipment of the universities in Ukraine.

“We reckon the access to the modern information is a question of the security,” said Mr. Dure.


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