Kateryna Yushchenko took part in a ceremony to open an exhibition of Ivan Malkovych’s A-BA-BA-GA-LA-MA-GA Publishing House “For Babies From 2 to 102…” at the Museum of Books and Printing.

In her speech, the President’s wife said the books of this publishing house “remind adults of their childhood and makethem rediscover feelings we usually have in childhood: our strong faith in the triumph of good over evil and our ability to change the world for the better with one desire to do it! The Ukraine 3000 Foundation, which I head, has given thousands of your books to children’s hospitals and libraries throughout Ukraine. Your books can also be found in libraries all over the world. Every time I give your book as a present I feel proud of Ukraine and gifted artists that make its glory and fame grow!” she said.

Then the First Lady congratulated Ivan Malkovych on his birthday and presented him with Pysanka.
The exhibition features illustrations by Vladyslav Yarko (The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), Kost’ Lavr (Children’s Gospel), Zhenya Hapchynska (Lisa and Her Dreams), Sophia Us (The Big City, the Small Hare, or Mother’s Honey), Serhiy Savchenko (The Puppy and His Moonlight Friends) and many others.

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