Victor Yushchenko has met one-on-one with Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, State Security Chief Ihor Drizhchany, and Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko, President's press office reported.

They discussed ways to more effectively combat organized crime and corruption. The Head of State promised to personally control the implementation of law enforcement reforms.

Lutsenko said the crime rate had decreased by 20% in the past year and added that there was also an obvious slump in bribery.

At the meeting with Drizhchany the President said Ukraine needed a new law on the State Security Office to better control the secret services and make sure they observe human rights. Yushchenko also said it was particularly important to employ qualified professionals locally and punish those who break the law or neglect their duties.

Medvedko assured the Chief of State his office was trying to thoroughly investigate Ukraine’s most controversial criminal cases. He then said their painstaking investigation into the murder of journalist Ihor Aleksandrov had considerably progressed.

Mykola Poludionny, President’s Legal Adviser, was present at the meetings.  


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