Socialist leader Oleksandr Moroz urges to stop speculating by UPA soldiers’ status. The issue should not be resolved in haste or included in the Coalition Agreement, the SPU press office informed.

Moroz specified that “there is no need in including the questions which may make a division the society.” The President time and again supported the idea to separate some vexed questions from the issues included in the Coalition agreement, SPU leader added. Such questions must be thoroughly examined and considered not in political but in social way.

He also mentioned that in 1993 he had initiated formation of the special governmental commission aimed at historically evaluation of UPA war. “Twelve years past but and no conclusions have been done since that time. That is why, I think, we need to ask those people who are commanding finance for this commission,” noted SPU leader Moroz.

Responding to the question about possibility to form a wide coalition, Oleksandr Moroz stated that 49% respondents supported the idea of OU-BYuT-SPU coalition and about 30% of citizens stood for the wide coalition including the Party of Regions. “It is obviously that the opinion of all citizens must be taken into the account,” stressed Moroz.


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