At the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kyiv, Victor Yushchenko has wished Ukrainians a Happy Victory Day: “I cordially wish my fellow citizens a Happy Victory Day.” 

“On this day, we mournfully lower our heads to remember millions of our compatriots that were killed in the fire of that dreadful war,” he said, President's press office reported.

The President added that the victory gained by Ukrainians together with other nations had been achieved through “the great will of people that resisted slavery and evil.”

“They defended Ukraine and died for its sake. Each of them died individually and won individually but their love for Ukraine was genuine, sacrificial, and profound,” he said.

Then the Head of State honored all the peoples that fought for Ukraine during that war. He also presented condolences to the Crimean Tatars, “which were particularly cynically affected by the war.”
When speaking about veteran policies, Mr. Yushchenko outlined three major directions. First of all, the government must start “transparent and logical” social programs to support the veterans. 

“This will be the greatest monument to the war heroes and victims,” he opined, adding that the state had considerably improved the social welfare for the veterans.


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