Leading UNO economist are disappointed in post-revolution economic policy of the last two governments of Ukraine. In particular, UNO and Ukraine’s economists’ commission “Blue line” estimated the governmental activity. According to the commission’s report, post-revolution economic policy had produced bad results.

According to Mr. Kalman Mizsei, organizer of “Blue line” commission and assistant to UN Secretary General, “post-revolution economic policy had turned out not as efficient as one would like it to be; and as a consequence – economic recession and accumulation of macroeconomic tension in the country.”

However, experts covered for reforms’ delay – these are elections and fight for power. The present authorities were also ascribed success in freezing negative tendencies in economic.

“Prepared budget smoothed a little a huge load of social engagements, which we noticed in budget-2005. It is a big achievement that social engagements were not increased during pre-election campaign,” notes Irina Akimova, an author of commission’s recommendations.

Despite of it, eight recommendations were not carried out. There is no real protection of private property, laws on joint-stock companies and State Property Fund have not come in, plenary powers of government and ministries have not still distributed. Criminal and administrative responsibility for violation of rights of entrepreneurs and citizens have not been increased, the government has never submitted a proposition about legal, medical and educational reforms.

Economists consider laws on free land sale extremely weak. Authorities delay fixing standards of municipal service. There is no clear plan of actions to soften economic shock because of gas price rise.

“Recommendations of our experts as for creation of independent regulators on energy and communication markets have not been carried out. And it does not help to form independent price policy,” underlined Alexander Shevtsov, acting director of “Blue line.”

Economists evaluate deeply the governments’ actions as regards accession to the WTO and speak approvingly of intentions to improve Civil Code and subsidies to agrarians. But, at the same time, they point out that the window of opportunities and people’s trust opened by revolution is closing, and the time of political and economic populism is passing. The commission “Blue line” is preparing the third pack of recommendations with concrete propositions for the government: the way of conducting urgent reforms. If the new government ignores them, credit of people’s trust will be exhausted and Ukraine will settle on an edge of the world.


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