Victor Yushchenko has met face-to-face with Yuriy Yekhanurov ( People’s Union Our Ukraine ), Yulia Tymoshenko ( BYuT ), Oleksandr Moroz ( The Socialist Party ), and Victor Yanukovych ( The Party of Regions).

In a special statement for the media,the President declared that this dialogue showed that Ukraine could have “efficient parliament, majority, and government.” He said it would also help democratic parties compromise about the country's future coalition. Although the Head of State seemed rather pleased with the meetings, he said hewas not overly idealistic, the president press office reports.

“There are quite a few nuances we need to settle. I mean there are some attitude problems within certain blocs and among the coalition members,” he explained.

Mr. Yushchenko said they had discussed procedures and optimal terms to form the coalition: “I think May 24 is a good day to agree on the essence of the coalition and observe some initial procedural formalities.”

He said they had also spoken about domestic and foreign policy issues: “I want the parties in parliament toshare universal national values no matter where they are – in government or in opposition.”

The Head of State reiterated that the majority should be efficient, stable and capable of implementing his program.

“I think each of the parties is ready to accept this format,” he opined.


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