As a tribute to the great benefit to Ukrainian history and culture, a monument to James Mace will be erected in Kyiv.

“Jim, a professor of history at the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and frequent contributor to the Ukrainian press, became a hero to the Ukrainian community for his role in the oral history project on the Ukrainian Famine and his persistent advocacy of the genocide thesis, that the Famine was man-made and that Stalin played the key role in this deliberate starvation of the Ukrainian population. He was respected among historian colleagues for his path-breaking and solid study of the politics of Ukrainianization and the rise of Ukrainian national bolshevism in the 1920s,” said Mark von Hagen, professor of history, Columbia University and the President of the International Association for Ukrainian Studies.

Kyiv authorities have submitted draft resolution for the Cabinet’s consideration. The project has been already approved by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finance Ministry, Ministry for Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Architecture and Housing and Communal Services, Economy Ministry and Ministry of Justice.

Regarding the significance of the project, it was planned to conduct a tender on the best monument project and best place for construction.

Ukraine’s Ministry for Culture and Tourism is commissioned to finance the project.


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