Ukraine examines expedience of its being the part of the Commonwealth of Independent States, as declared Volodymyr Ohryzko first deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine in Moscow.

“We are now analyzing organizations we are in, the fees and effect. Within this we are going to analyze advantages and disadvantages of our participation in CIS,” said Ohryzko.

“We are disappointed with the fact that CIS is losing its attraction, because this organization, which has to act, turns into a structure, which only speaks,” pointed out Ohryzko.

According to him, President Yushchenko submitted five concrete propositions, but none of them was developed by executive structures of the organization.

“The question arises: what for do we need this structure,” noted the Ukrainian diplomat.

At the same time, President’s representative in Cabinet Borys Bespaly declared that the question about leaving CIS “is not of current importance for today.”

“To analyze the situation is a normal thing. New Ukrainian power analyzes all its steps, and makes it thoroughly,” said Bespaly in an interview to the radio “Eho Moskvi.”


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